Eliminate all signs of your private information

Our Server Protection enables you to safeguard all of your domains simultaneously.

Malware may crash your website or use up all your resources & stealing from visitors.

Customers who choose server protection packages reduce their vulnerability and cut the number of security-related support contacts in half when compared to those who do not have a security solution in place. Reduce your vulnerability to compromise immediately with our industry-leading security product portfolio. Choose our services for unique requirements, or choose for a package comprising of the most effective products and settings, as determined by security experts. Maintain a competitive advantage so you can return to concentrating on expanding your firm.

Protecting Your Server 24/7/365

Hostingli® is aware that our clients take web hosting seriously and want prompt, competent assistance from a team member who is conversant with their hosting requirements.
With Hostingli®, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’re continually monitoring your server 24/7/365 at our data centres. We are accessible whenever you need us.

Protection Plus Peace of Mind

Get your information away from spammers and identity thieves now!


For Windows, ESET File Security delivers superior security by paying special attention to launched, opened, and edited files.

Threat Stack Oversight

Threat Stack Oversight Intrusion Detection System provides real-time monitoring across critical systems on your server, identification of threats, and rapid investigation anytime an anomaly is detected.

Server Secure Plus

Server Secure Plus takes the guesswork out of improving security settings and is available for both Windows and Linux servers that are fully managed.

Vulnerability Assessment and Scanning

Detailed and easy-to-read monthly reports provide a simple and up-to-date log of potential threats, suggested recommendations, and any changes to tools utilized across your platform.

Hosting Contract Buyout

Know the Cost of Changing Host

Many hosts offer bottom-of-the-barrel prices when you migrate to their platform. But if you’re already on contract with another host, you’ll be paying two bills instead of one.

Hostingli® buys out the remaining costs on your hosting contract up to $500 and puts it toward your hosting. That means you can save money while improving your site’s performance.


Got questions? Well, we’ve got answers.
What are the system requirements for Server Secure PLUS?

It is possible to install Secure Server PLUS on our Fully Managed CentOS servers that utilize Interworx or cPanel. Additionally, if you are running a cPanel Managed WordPress (version 1) instance, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of hardening your server with our Secure Server PLUS product.

For all other Linux and Windows operating systems, our Vulnerability Assessment Scanner protects with an affordable monthly fee. Backed by Clone Systems, a staple in the internet security industry, the scanner automatically executes scans to pinpoint potential threats and produces easy to read reports with suggested recommendations for your environment.

What are the potential impacts of implementing Server Secure PLUS?

As with any security measure taken, there is an initial period of fine-tuning needed. It’s important to know the exact changes before implementing Secure Server PLUS on your environment.

Server Secure PLUS adjust core control panel configurations, ModSecurity, and SpamAssassin settings and could temporarily block false-malicious traffic or emails from your server. If you have security plugins or modules enabled you may tentatively receive false notifications of intrusions resulting from the Vulnerability Assessment Scanner. Automated and default processes for logging in via logging in via the control panel, SFTP, SSH may have to be updated to work with Secure Server PLUS configurations. Lastly, any custom scripts executing binaries in the temp directory may need to edited to run in another directory.