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What is a domain?

Having a memorable domain name is a great way for people to locate your website. When you initially start your website, this is frequently the first thing you do since it is like creating your website's online street address. Without a domain name, visitors to your website would have to know your IP address, which might be inconvenient and lead to mistakes. The section of the URL bar that begins with "http://" is what you need. Domain is the second component of URL's second portion. Hostingli.com is the domain name we're using. An internet domain name is a name that is used to identify a website on the internet.

How do I register a domain?
You may create your online presence by purchasing a domain name. Choose from a wide variety of domain names with our efficient domain generator right now. Using the search box, you may register a domain name. You'll be directed through the checkout process after you've picked a domain. Multiple domains may be registered. We advocate registering numerous domains not just to preserve your brand but also to prevent future visitors from getting lost if they write your URL incorrectly. They will still be routed to your website if you register several domains.
How do I know if a domain is available?
It's simple to check whether a domain name is already taken. It's simple to utilize our search box to look for a certain URL, then type in the domain name. We will recommend other domain names if your first choice is already taken.
What is privacy protection?

Privacy protection is frequently referred to as WHOIS protection since it conceals information about a domain name's owner that may be discovered via a WHOIS search.
Privacy protection allows you to substitute your name, address, phone number, email address, and company name with generic, non-identifiable data.
With Hostingli's domain privacy service, your private information is no longer exposed to the public and will not be shared inadvertently. It is assured to be the greatest worldwide domain privacy choice available anywhere.

What do I do if a domain is already taken?

Consider the name you wish to register. Typically, the response is the name of your firm or website. It is essential to keep your domain name short and simple. Make sure it sounds excellent when you say it out loud. Then, check to see whether it is still available. If your desired name is already taken with the.com top-level domain, there are hundreds of alternatives available. Finally, add your favorite options to your basket and finish the domain registration process.


Should I add www in front of the domain?

No. The www at the beginning of a URL is not part of your domain. This is a subdomain.
If you put www in front of your registered domain name, the end result would be something like this: www.wwwexample.com. As a result, just input the precise words that you want to be in the domain.

What is web hosting?

Your website's files are stored on a server provided by a web hosting company. It's the building block of your website's existence. Web servers are used to host all websites. At Hostingli.com, we provide web hosting in addition to all the other services required to make your website or webpage accessible over the internet.


What is shared hosting?

Hosting a website on a shared server might be the cheapest and most popular option available. For the purpose of making their websites available to the public, many people would pool their resources on a single protected server or cluster of secured servers. As a Hostingli customer, you can choose from a variety of economical shared hosting plans to meet your specific website hosting requirements.

How much does web hosting cost?

The cost of hosting varies depending on the size and complexity of your website, as well as the extra services included in your hosting package. Our all-inclusive plans provide everything you need. You receive enough capacity for web and email, as well as site-building tools, security add-ons, and an easy-to-use administrative interface.


How can I get a free domain?

Hostingli makes it simple to obtain a free domain name. In fact, a free domain is available to the majority of Hostingli customers. You just need to sign up for a business or business premium plan for 12 months or more.
It's time to find out how to get yourself a free domain name.

How long it take to register a domain name?

Hostingli provides rapid domain registration and activation, ensuring that your new domain is available to use immediately after the domain name search. Even better, we've streamlined the process so that registering a domain just takes a few minutes.

How do I use the domain checker?

To see whether your preferred domain name is already taken, just type it into the search box.You may then follow the procedures to buy the domain, register it, and obtain a hosting plan to go with it.