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We are Hostingli®, the #1 Fast & Affordable Web Hosting Company in the world providing NVMe Cloud Storage. Our dedicated Support team is here to help you grow your online business, regardless of your technical skill level.

Our services are connected to thousands of websites worldwide and we’re trusted by thousands of businesses, who depend on our products and services every day.

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Whether you need domains, websites, hosting, emails or marketing tools, we offer a selection of affordable and tension-free products designed for anyone seeking an easy way of starting their online journey.

Should you need assistance, our Support teams are on-hand to help with any queries you have via live chat or ticket. We also have a range of detailed articles & tutorials available.

How we do it

Forget About SSDs, NVMe is the Next Big Thing, Next Big Trend. We only use hardware from the world’s leading manufacturers and providing NVMe Cloud Storage which is 7x faster than traditional SSDs.

What’s more, our eco-friendly data centres are powered by low-energy systems, helping us to protect the environment while simultaneously saving our customers money.

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Our High-Speed, Cloud-Powered 7x Faster NVMe Cloud Hosting is preferred by thousands of sites and shops due to its speed, reliability, security, and scalability.

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Managed hosting that help businesses unleash full potential of their websites.

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Our customer friendly control panel is easy to use, even a nob can easily use it.

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We know that prices can add up, which is why we always aim to provide great value for money that you’ll be hard-pressed to beat.

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Our team is available 24/7 to help you with anything that you need to bring your next big idea online.


We never mislead or hide any information from our customers and always provide honest and straightforward pricing, with no hidden costs or fees.

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With free technical support around the clock, you’ll always have access to assistance when you need it.


We want you to have a challenging and rewarding career that grooms you for higher successes.


Our customers are the North Star that guides our priorities and drives us to deliver peace of mind.

Cloud Powered Web Hosting

A fast website is key to online success. Our virtualized cloud hosting environment deploys your website on its own unique partition with specific resources allocated and limits. This provides your own file system that's independent of the rest of the node, leading to the high performance, supreme reliability, and security you deserve.

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Say Hello to 24/7/365 Support. Our Level 3 Support Engineers are available 24/7/365 to help you with all the problems you have.