Hostingli’s Agency Partnership Program

Unlock Opportunities with Our Agency Partnership Program: Elevate Profits, Minimize Costs, and Scale Seamlessly.

Here’s Why Agencies Love Our Partnership Program

Many Agencies are Harnessing Growth and Scale Through Our Partnership Program: From Onboarding Incentives to Co-Marketing Opportunities.


Dedicated Manager

Enjoy Seamless Communication with Your Dedicated Partnership Manager: Say Goodbye to Waiting and Hello to Instant Support.


Onboarding Discounts

As an esteemed partner, you receive onboarding discounts that provide significant savings on your bill right from the start with Hostingli.


Growth Bonuses

As your agency progresses to the next tier of the program with growth, you’ll receive bonuses in the form of hosting credits, providing ample incentives to continue expanding.


WhiteLabel/Reseller Option

As an Agency Partner, you receive fully customized white-label solutions tailored to your agency’s specific needs.

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Hostingli’s Agency Partnership Program

Unlock Opportunities with Our Agency Partnership Program: Elevate Profits, Minimize Costs, and Scale Seamlessly.

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4.7 / 5

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4.9 / 5

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Well, we’ve got answers.

How much does it cost to join the program?

Participation in the Agency Partnership Program is open to all agencies at no cost. The only requirement is that your business must operate as an agency and maintain an active website.

Do I need to be Hostingli's Customer to join Agency Partnership Program?

While it's preferred that you're already a Hostingli's customer to access program benefits, Non-Hostingli customers can join as well. Simply sign up for our 3-day free trial to experience Hostingli firsthand and decide whether to continue or discontinue your Agency Partnership.

How do I get paid?

While our Agency Partners do not receive direct payment, they gain access to exclusive benefits beyond those of our regular customers. These include co-marketing opportunities, growth bonuses, complimentary support add-ons, and numerous additional perks.

Do you offer reseller hosting plans as well?

Offcourse Yes, we do. You can check our reseller plans here

What is Partners Directory?

Partner Directory is one of our standout features at Hostingli. It serves as a curated list of top-notch agencies, showcasing their expertise and specialties. As an agency listed in our Partner Directory, you'll not only gain visibility but also receive direct referrals for web design projects. It's a win-win opportunity to showcase your skills and grow your client base!