An email address at your own domain shows your clients, customers and visitors that you are a professional entity.  It also creates a level of trust that people are contacting your organization.

First, you need to create a sub-domain. Here is an article which can assist you in case you dont know "How to create a sub-domain".
In this brief tutorial, we'll explain how to setup an email address on your sub-domain.

1) Sign in to the your Hostingli Account.

2) Click the second box labelled "Services".

3) Click on the settings icon on the right hand side of your hosting service and select "View Details".

Now, simply click on first option in the side menu "Log in to cPanel".

5) Once in to the cPanel interface, scroll down to the Email tab within the cPanel interface. Click Email Accounts.

6) Now, click on the blue button on the right hand side labelled "Create" to create a new account.


7) Here, select the domain or sub-domain you want, than you can create a unique email address specific to your domain or sub-domain name. In order to create an account, simply fill out the requested fields.

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