Many of our clients like using Cloudflare for their DNS to protect their website from DDOS attacks and accelerate page-load times. With our free and automated SSL, users do not need to upgrade their Cloudflare accounts to "Pro" and can configure everything from inside cPanel.


Cloudflare Benefits

  • DD0S Protection - Our enterprise-grade DDoS defence network has 20 times the capacity of the greatest DDoS attack ever recorded. Operating at the network's perimeter, it defends against all DDoS assaults.
  • WAF - Our web application firewall benefits from the network's collective wisdom. When a new danger is identified on one website, it may be instantly blocked on the other 4,000,000 websites on our network.
  • Traffic Control - Traffic Control provides you with granular controls to identify malicious traffic, tailored rulesets to protect your genuine visitors, and analytics to enhance your security posture as assaults develop.
  • CDN - Moving material physically closer to users with our CDN is one of the simplest ways to enhance the speed of your website and minimise server strain.
  • Website Optimization - Cloudflare enables the automated activation of the newest web technologies. Our site optimization capabilities include mobile image optimization, aggressive GZIP compression, and HTTP/2.
  • DNS - Cloudflare is one of the world's fastest managed DNS services. The same 100 data centre network that powers our CDN significantly accelerates domain resolution for visitors to your website.


How To Enable Cloudflare

1) Sign in to the your Hostingli Account.

2) Access cPanel.

3) Select Cloudflare

4) Register New Accountor Login to Cloudflare.

5) Activate Domain


Cloudflare Troubleshooting

If you have previously used our free and automated SSL, your certificate may display an error until it is reissued. Create a new ticket and mention your login for prompt support. Due to the fact that Cloudflare automatically activates caching, you may see that updates to your website are not immediately visible. Enable "development mode" while working on or modifying the design of your website. Check out Cloudflare support for further troubleshooting information. Please let us know if we can be of additional assistance!


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