After you have created a MySQL Database, the next step, which is required to make the database functional, is to Add a User to the MySQL Database.

In this walkthrough, we'll demonstrate how to incorporate a new user into an existing MySQL database. First things first, you need to make sure that the MySQL Database to which you want to add the user already exists and that you have access to it.


1) Once you are within cPanel's MySQL® Databases section, scroll down until you see MySQL Users. Before we can add the user to the MySQL database, we need to create that user. To do this, fill out the blanks shown above by coming up with a username and a password for yourself. Your username will be used as the prefix when creating a MySQL user.


2) Select the blue button labelled "Create User".


3) After creating the user, you will get confirmation of its success.


4) Select the blue button. Go Back link

Now, we will add the User to the Database, which you should have generated before (the MySQL database we created in this example)


5) Select the name of the Database that you want to add as well as the User that you want to add. Above, you'll see that we stated our values, and below, you'll see that those values are picked in the appropriate dropdown menus.

To add anything, click the button that looks like a blue plus sign.


6) When that step has been finished, we will go on to step six, which is assigning user privileges. In the context of our demonstration, we are going to choose the check box to grant the user "ALL PRIVILEGES." The graphic that follows will show you what it is that we did:


You will get the following message, You have successfully added a user to a MySQL database, after clicking the blue "Make Changes" button.

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