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Explore the Future of Web Hosting with Hostingli®

Discover a spectrum of groundbreaking features designed to elevate your web hosting experience. From mystery prizes to early-stage startup funding, Hostingli® is not just a hosting provider; it’s your gateway to a world of possibilities.

Lifetime Free Domain Name and SSL Certificate

Hostingli® goes beyond conventional offers. Enjoy a lifetime of a free domain name and SSL certificate with every hosting plan. Your online identity deserves permanence, and we’re here to provide it.

Free Premium Themes and Plugins: Enhance Your Presence

Dive into the world of customization with free access to premium themes and plugins. Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your website without additional costs.

Trusted by Customers in 13 Countries

Our 7x Faster NVMe cloud hosting is preferred by thousands of sites and shops because of its speed, reliability, and scalability.

Our clients' experiences speak volumes

Our High-Speed, Cloud-Powered 7x Faster NVMe Cloud Hosting is preferred by thousands of sites and shops due to its speed, reliability, security, and scalability.

Unveiling Hidden Treasures

Enjoy the thrill of a mystery prize unlocking a complimentary upgraded for the next 45 days. It’s our way of adding extra value to your hosting journey.

Share the Gift Cards

Purchase gift cards and surprise your friends. They can redeem them for web hosting, domain names, SSL certificates, and more.

Get Your Personal Guide

Every Hostingli® client is unique. That’s why your account manager is here to ensure your journey with us is smooth, tailored to your needs, and successful.

Student Discounts

Education is the key to the future. Hostingli® offers exclusive student discounts to empower the next generation of web enthusiasts. Unleash your potential with affordable hosting solutions.

Buyout Plan & Migrations

Ready to switch to Hostingli®? We understand the commitment. If you’re registered with another provider, explore our buyout plan. We’ll buy out your remaining months and offer you a special discount on your Hostingli® journey.

Earn as You Grow

For every $10 spent, earn 1 point (equivalent to $1). Accumulate points to purchase any Hostingli® product or redeem them for exciting discounts.

Early-Stage Startup Funding

We believe in supporting authenticity and innovation. Explore how we can provide funding and a suite of free services for your early-stage startup.

Claim Your Hosting Experience

As a gesture of gratitude, Hostingli® users are gifted with 45 days of free web hosting and 3 months of unparalleled online presence.

Can’t Pay Full? Make Partial Payments

Hostingli® offers flexibility and ease. With this option, you can easily control hosting costs. This option allows entrepreneurs on a budget or experiencing unexpected challenges to divide down payments into manageable amounts. Enjoy uninterrupted hosting and easy digital scaling with our trustworthy services.

Hosting Contract Buyout

Know the Cost of Changing Host

Many hosts offer bottom-of-the-barrel prices when you migrate to their platform. But if you’re already on contract with another host, you’ll be paying two bills instead of one.

Hostingli® buys out the remaining costs on your hosting contract up to $500 and puts it toward your hosting. That means you can save money while improving your site’s performance.

Ready to embrace the future of web hosting?

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